Founded in 2010 with the acquisition of its first 70 acres, Greenshields has a strong strategy for growth through organic expansion & consolidation.

An investment in Greenshields is :

  • An investment in UK farmland
    • A tangible long term appreciating underinvested finite asset class in a transparent and stable legal system where supply is limited and demand is strong from buyers with a variety of ownership motives and uses for land.
  • An investment in a growing UK crop production, merchandising, logistics and renewable energy business.

The company’s shares are traded on Asset Match, an online platform for the trading of shares in unquoted and private companies.

Auctions are held quarterly and close at 4pm on the last Wednesday of each month (unless stated otherwise).

The Greenshields webpage on Asset Match contains useful information about the company such as Annual Report & Accounts, Shareholder Letters and Price History. This can be found at

Investors wishing to trade shares on Asset Match must do so through a UK stockbroker. The preferred broker is shareDeal active ( However please contact Asset Match to confirm whether your existing broker is set-up to deal. Shareholders are encouraged to register at and direct any enquiries to or alternatively Tel. 020 7248 2788. Asset Match Limited, New Broad Street House, 35 New Broad Street, London EC2N 1NH.