The Greenshields Agri group "Greenshields" is a rapidly growing agricultural business in the Northern Grain Belt of the UK.

Underpinned by the ownership of just under 3,000 acres of high quality UK arable farmland built up since 2010 Greenshields has developed from land ownership into an integrated supply chain producing, handling & marketing grain.

Greenshields is well positioned to benefit from the expected increasing global grain demand & food security issues and has a strong strategy for growth through organic expansion & consolidation.

The Northern Grain Belt is a phrase used by the Group to describe the strip of arable farm land stretching up the east coast of the UK from the Humber estuary in England to the river Tay in Scotland.  In addition to having some of the highest wheat yields in the world thanks to a temperate climate, good quality fertile soil and extended daylight, the NGB benefits from land that is typically cheaper than that which is found further south.

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